Looking forward to the New Year

I am sure I am not alone when I say I am ready for a Reset. While contemplating my Vision Board for 2021 I am including physical, mental, and spiritual goals. I know that for me, my physical care plan always includes my skin. 


When it comes to skin care, I intend to keep up my daily and weekly rituals that keep my skin fresh and looking it's best.  A part of my winter regimen includes an effective 3 month Chemical Peel Series.   My mom is ready for her SWiCH series, a NON chemical peel that activates renewal at a cellular level and offers no downtime. The results are phenomenal with both and can really buy back some time. 

One of my favorite appointments is a consultation to determine a care plan and path of action for my clients. I love helping someone get healthier skin and look their best.  This is currently a complimentary service and can be scheduled under the Book Your Facial & Waxing Services button above. 

Here's to a fresh year and fresh skin!